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GeBTL Founder

- Looking for Investment in Seaport construction or interested in investing in one valued at $USD 1 Billion?
- Seeking $USD 100,000,000 Investment for launching the Patented Electrical industry product?
- Interested in partnering with someone in Ocean Transport industry development valued at $USD
2 Billions?
- Looking for a buyer for a Solar Industry business valued at $USD 900,000,000?
- Interested in finding the best spot for Holiday Resort Development?
- Buying and or selling Air, Sea, Rail or Road Commercial Fleets?

and many more...

In today's global market, if one is either requesting or offering such unique and/or off-market global business opportunities and is seeking secured and confidential high level connection with only a group of elite key decision makers globally, where would one post such request or offer, whom would one talk to first, how would one avoid middle persons of the business world and more importantly whom would one trust?

In an era, when existing social and ordinary business networking platforms enjoy popularity among certain group of population, the growing concern over securing the privacy of one's information, which is being jeopardized via such platforms, is becoming more prominent.

Furthermore, among existing social and ordinary business networking platforms:

1- Spread of unwanted chain connections via friends of friends of friends of ... is becoming an uncontrollable phenomenon.
2- Being continually bombarded by third party advertising seems to be a norm and not the choice of members.
Collectively, such shortcomings in available social and ordinary business networking platforms globally have led the top level executives of the firm and corporations to search beyond, what is ordinarily offered by such platforms, and seek an unparalleled business solution, where
©exclusivity for executives truly matters and respected.

©tomorrow's solution for today's business world!

Since its inception in 2007, GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links has been the ONLY secure, private, multi level Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership, and paid-members-only business platform for top level executives of firms and corporations globally in communicating the unique global business opportunities DIRECTLY with each other:

Typical Global Business Communication Model GeBTL's Global Business Communication Model

Moreover, with its four distinctive membership levels and allowing members to be very selective in both posting and responding to business opportunities, GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links is consciously promoting ©exclusivity for executives business culture:

When it comes to founding business philosophy of
GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links and setting it absolutely apart from existing Social Media and business platforms, it is not a day go by that we are admired for "daring to be different!"

So, I would personally invite you to review the contents and learn about the benefits of the membership and I would certainly hope to receive your request for membership for possible consideration.


Rahmat Ushaksaraei

GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links

our mission:

furnishing the top level key executive decision makers of businesses globally with a private and secure medium for communicating directly the unique & off-market global business opportunities.

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