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To consider your request for membership on GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links, please ensure that all required information are provided correctly. Providing incorrect information may result in the automatic rejection of your request for membership on GeBTL, Global executive Business & Trade Links.

Disclaimer: Personal contact information obtained herewith are merely for the purpose of processing your membership request and will not be shared and/or communicated with any third party firm(s) and/or individual(s).

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1: annual membership fee is in the Canadian funds and will be invoiced in full amount. applicable taxes, if any, have NOT been included here and will be added to the annual membership fee at the time of invoicing. 

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membership on is a privileged opportunity for joining the ONLY private, secure, multi-level paid-members and global top level executives business platform.

to safeguard the founding philosophy of, GeBTL reserves the rights to either accept or reject a request for membership.

at the same time that all membership requests are treated equally and investigated thoroughly, in case of rejecting a request for membership on, GeBTL will not be obligated to provide any clarification.

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